Short Film

Release Date:

June 16th 2015

Notable Recognition:

“Official Selection” The Monthly Film Festival 2015

“Daily Short Pick” Film Shortage


This was one of those film ideas that I knew I might just be able to do justice. Why? Because I’ve been through a rocky marriage? Because I’ve seen my life slip away due to the birth of an unplanned child? Absolutely not. Which confuses me to why I felt like I needed to do this film. I didn’t have any first hand experience in the subject matter, granted, but I knew I could bring the characters into the world I know and make them palatable. It was about conveying the emotion of the situation, it wasn’t about giving married men an excuse to be unfaithful. Either way, it was a great experience making this film.


“Daisy” tells the story of Patrick; a man in a dangerous game of self-destruction who meets an unlikely guiding light.


Here are a few photographs from the making of Daisy, Get stuck in!

Did you know the lamp behind the Therapist was just a broom handle stuck in a stack of bricks? Of course you didn't.

It was a particularly hot and steamy day on the set of Daisy, and I'm not referring to the amount of people that were crammed in that little hotel room either.

Safety first! Here we are working by the roadside on a cold and windy night and putting our high-vis jackets to good use!

Packed in like sardines yet again whilst shooting Daisy, getting it done in the back of Patrick's car!