Nine Lives

Short Film

Release Date:

6th April 2016

Notable Recognition:

Official Selection TMFF (March 2016)


This film idea had been floating in my head for many years. I have always loved the introduction scene from Goodfellas (1990). It involves the three protagonists (Henry, Jimmy and Tommy) driving through the night on the way to a dig site in order to dispose of rival mob boss Billy Batt’s dead body which is in the trunk, but they quickly realise he’s still alive and have to pull over and finish him off. To me, that idea had so much potential. What if the guys who were put in that situation were utter wimps? What if the guys couldn’t even find the courage to trap a spider under a glass, let alone kill a man? That’s where Grant Lang and Tom Dixon come in. During my second year of University I made a short comedy film starring them both, Breaking In (2016), they play two hopeless burglars who are trying to break into a house, but they’re morons and never agree on anything. This resulted in really great on-screen chemistry and funny improvised moments which made me move forward with this project. Nine Lives acts a sort-of-sequel and features the same characters, only they’re in a different predicament.


Nine Lives follows two guys on a long road trip delivering an undisclosed piece of cargo, things soon turn ugly and they are forced to take control of a situation nobody ever wants to find themselves in.