Short Film

Release Date:

27th November 2015

Notable Recognition:

Premiere at 2 Short Nights Film Festival 2015

Awarded the Exeter Phoenix Film Commission 2015

Published in Computer Arts Magazine (August 2015 Issue)


Did you know 'Pine' is loosely based on a true story? The whole idea for the film stemmed from wanting to make something different (quirky and weird), and when a friend of ours told us a story of a personal experience, we knew we had something. One time, when he was working as a chef in Newquay, he woke up to his front door missing, someone had stolen it. The idea of a person stealing a front door seemed absolutely ridiculous to us. People do say you should make the films you want to see, and I wanted to see a film about that! The idea quickly grew into a much bigger film that implemented fate as an underlined theme. We truly embraced the madness for 'Pine' and created a film that's different in many ways, but who ever said different was a bad thing?


‘Pine’ is a light-hearted drama/comedy that follows the story of Elvin; a struggling door salesman who needs a to make a quick buck to relieve him from his dire financial straits. This leads him down a path filled with consequences that could change his life forever.


'Computer Arts' is a nationally published magazine and 'Pine' was featured in it! Having been a subscriber to the magazine for years, this was an unbelievable achievement. We were in their edition calling out new, up-and-coming talent in the UK, with only 50 selected for the magazine, we were one of them!


Everyone loves a bit of behind-the-scenes. We have served up some absolute gold for you to sink your teeth into.

On this cold evening we strapped a load of doors to Marco (Elvin) and made him run back and forth with them for our own amusement… Oh it was in the script so it’s OK.

The pressure was certainly on for Marco and the crew on this nerve-racking day on the set of “Pine”... The mug smash!

Another night at the office; full of roof climbing, bricklaying, recycling and Irish-jigging? That last one wasn’t in the script.

Being interrupted every 5 minutes by rowdy ducks didn’t stop us on this absolute scorcher of a day on set of “Pine”.


On the 27th November 2015 “Pine” was premiered at the Exeter Phoenix Two Short Nights Film Festival. Most of the cast and crew came along to see it for the first time on the big screen, accompanied by a selection of films also included in the festival from a very varied and talented folk.