Snapshot is a series of short raw stripped back videos made from B-Roll footage that we have stocked up over the years. It can be anything from short behind-the-scenes videos, outtakes, vlogs or office antics. Whatever we do we try to keep you on your toes.

Snapshot 1:

A quick glimpse into the making of "Pine". Setting up a shot in front of what we called "the holy grail door", we had to place a fake chimney on the house for this shot, hence why Ciara is on the roof.

Snapshot 2:

On the set of "Daisy", sometimes whilst filming you get that tickle in the back of your throat which you just can't ignore, hooray for digital!

Snapshot 4:

Back to "Pine" again, this time it's an outtake. Elvin (played by the wonderful Marco Pezzolo) struggles to get out his lines, with no help from the crew.

Snapshot 3:

While filming the gallery opening for the film "Gallery Short: Ian McIntyre", a rare sighting of Aden filming in the wild was captured.

Snapshot 5:

Filming "In the Shadow of a Mountain" camera operator Robert Smith cranked it to 11 when we only asked for 4.

Snapshot 6:

Filming at the "Plymouth Art School, Red House Opening" we took advantage of filming on long lenses like an empty plate at a buffet.

Snapshot 7:

Another rare sighting of Aden in the wild, I think he may be on to us...

Snapshot 8:

Some sound check action from when we filmed THePETEBOX at the Garage in London.

Snapshot 9:

A little look back at the filming of "TINKER" with the VOCO team.

Snapshot 10:

Digging deep from the archives! Here's  when we first moved into our office.

Snapshot 11:

This one is taken from the short film "In The Shadow Of A Mountain" directed by Andrew Simpson. Still currently in post production with new drafts surfacing every day!

Snapshot 12:

The rumours are true - we got a Phantom 4! Keep your eye on the sky cause we're going to over stay our welcome for sure!